Where it all began

Travel, health and fitness have always been high priorities in my life, completing my fitness certifications at the ripe old age of 15. I love the way exercise makes you feel, how alive and vibrant you feel after a good workout or an intense fitness class. Ive always loved it, for as long as i can remember. So then when i went on my first proper over seas holiday at 16, to Europe for a month, i was always looking for ways to keep active while i was away and it was hard! Especially because the people i was sharing this experience with, didn’t share my same sense of enthusiasm for fitness! None the less i managed, often going for runs in the morning or climbing the hotel stairs, if i didn’t feel safe alone on the streets!


Upon my return i thought about how much better the trip would have been if we had more opportunity for adventure, for wondering around with no real objective and if fitness and exercise where the main focus of the trip. From that moment on, I’ve been constantly in search of my next active adventure.

So far i have organised a return trip to Europe to travel for 14days by bike through Germany, Switzerland and Austria, managed to finish a tough 3 week cycle from Hanoi (not of Vietnam) to Ho Chi Min City (South of Vietnam), made 2 seperate trips hiking and skiing in New zealand and my first solo adventure to nepal and Thailand for an adevntuours 6 weeks of tracking to everest base camp and joining a Maui Thai bootcamp.


Unfortunately travelling isn’t all i do with my time, I work as a gym instructor part time while studying full time to become a Physiotherapist at Monash University. This year however I’m taking the year off- due to fracturing my leg earlier in the year – leaving me free to spend a (hopefully) wonderful and adventurous 6 months abroad, in Canada, central and south america.


I hope to share my previous travel experiences, and hopefully many more future experience too – and show you that you don’t need lots of money to Travel!

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