Things to do in Thamal

Thamal is the tourist hub on Kathmandu and chances are you will stay here for at least 1 night before heading off to other parts of Nepal. Just a 20 minutes drive from the airport, Thamal is easily accessible by taxi and has everything you could need for planning and executing your hikes around the himalaya.

I didn’t love Thamal. I stayed there for 5 nights and this was defiantly long enough!! If you don’t get out the town, walking the same few streets and getting hassled by street vendors everyday gets old quite quickly. However it is a good spot to base yourself to do some day trips before you set out on your hike.

Here are my Top things to do in Thamal:

  1. Go BUNGY jumping:

Okay technically this isn’t in Thamal, in fact its a 8 hour round bus journey away, but you leave from Thamal and hence its on my list!

I went with the last resort, which is a hotel in the heart of thamal but also a tour company. For ~ $80AUD the day trip included round trip transfers, a buffet lunch and a bungy jump.  We set off at about 4am and settled in for the long 4 hour drive on bumpy and winding roads. Breakfast is not included so be sure to take some snacks for the journey or you will get hungry! Once there, we had a safety briefing before getting spilt into groups based on our weight. Then after quite a long wait you get to take the leap of faith and bungy down towards the rapids below. After if you feel okay there is a delicious buffet lunch and then you begin the long transfer back

The suspension bridge where you jump off


  • Its a very cheap way to bungy jump
  • The buffet lunch was amazing


  • The LONG transfers, its alot to do in one day
  • There were too many people in my opinion, which made for long wait times
  • You couldn’t take your own go pro and had to pay for the video onto of the initial cost

2. Go to the garden of dreams

Okay so this garden isn’t really anything special, and despite rave reviews on trip advisor, it really is just a garden, and not a spectacular one at that.  However once you’ve been in Thamal for a few days, the gardens are a very much welcome retreat from the chaos, noise and pollution of the city. Therefore its a nice place to spend an afternoon reading or interacting with the squirrels that climb all over you


  • Its a good place to escape for an afternoon


  • There is an entry fee – too much for what the garden is worth really
  • The squirrels that are there, while cute, can be annoying so watch your belongings

3. Take cooking lessons:

I did a half day cooking lessons with….. I was picked up in the family car with one other girl and we quite literally had to sit on top of each other. We were transferred about 20 minutes out of Thamal to the families house. It was a great afternoon and we learned how to cook Moms’s, Dal Baht, and their famous bread/doughnuts. The facilities were basic, but thats what a typical house in

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