What to Pack for a 6 month trip Abroad?

This is my prospective list of what ill be packing for my 6 month trip through Canada, Central and South America. Ive got a 65L back pack and also a 25L day pack. Ive got to be prepared for all weather conditions as I’m going to be experiencing all seasons while I’m away and I’m also camping for some parts of the trip – hence not all items may be relevant to you.


1 x Puffer jacket

2 x Thermal jumpers

2 x Long sleeves

1 x Hoodie

1 x Soft shell jacket

1 x Rain jacket

2 x Bike riding jerseys

6 x Exercise tops/singlets

2 x T shirts

3 x Leggings

2 x Shorts

1 x Denim shorts

3 x Dresses/skirts

1 x Jeans

1 x Hiking pants

1 x Scarf/beanie/gloves (inners and over layers)

1 x Neck warmer/face mask thingy

6 x Bras

10 x Undies

10 x socks

2 x hiking socks

1 x PJS

1 x hiking boots

1 x sneaker

1 x thongs

1 x sandals

1 x down pair of booties


 –          Phone and charger

–          Go-pro and charger and batteries

–          Tripod

–          SLR camera

–          I-pad and charger

– SD card adapter


–          Tooth brush

–          Toothpaste

–          Floss

–          Hair brush and comb

–          Deodorant

–          Perfume

–          Moisturiser

–          Make up – mascara, eyeshadow and foundation

–          Tweezers

–          Shaver

–          Baby powder

–          Bobby pins

–          Hair ties

–          Sun cream

–          Bug stray and bite cream

–          Lip balm and cold sore cream


2 x pairs of sunnies

1 x hat

1 x bike helmet

1 x head touch with batteries?

1 x solar charger and battery packs

1 x diary and pens

Wallet with 2 x credit cards and cash

ID and passport

Student card

Sandwich bags

Plastic bags

First aid kit

Camping gear:


Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag liner

Blow up pillow




Camping Stove

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