Everest Base Camp: Day 4,5&6

Day 4:

Namche Bazzar to Phortse Gaon

Today, like the other days we got up early, had breakfast and headed off for another 7 hour day of hiking. Getting even higher this day, it was very important that we all took our time, and just kept moving slowly upwards and forwards.

This day took us through some amazing scenery, and past small villages where many sherpas who have summited Everest live. We also had our first Yack Dung fire this night, which you will discover is the best thing in the world! Who would’ve thought poo could bring you so much joy.


The nights are very very cold, as most of your accomodation is very basic and usually consists of some ply wood either inside the main building or attached to the outside. The temperatures inside the rooms are almost equal to the temp outside, so as you can imagine it is very hard to get warm. So when we found out we were going to get a fire, it made our day instantly better, and from then on, every day we would ask our guide “are we having a yak dung fire tonight?!?”

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.13.38 PM.png
We grew great affection for the Yaks who supplied poo to warm us!

Day 4 info at a glance:

  • Altitude for sleeping: 3810m
  • Attitude difference between start and finish: +370m
  • Hours of Trekking: ~7hrs
  • Accommodation: Guest house in Phortse Gaon
  • Level of difficulty: 6/10

Day 5:

Phortse Gaon to Dingboche

Today we trekked for 6 hours covering a distance of 8kms. We were told the scenery today was gorgeous, but we had alot of cloud cover, so our visibility was very restricted.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.49.40 PM

We got above the tree line, so had there been no cloud, we would’ve had a sweeping view of the valley below.

Our accomodation was in Dingboche for night 5 and we were to stay here for one more night for an Acclimatisation day.

One the acclimatisation day we took a day hike to Amadablam base camp. Today was probably the day where i felt the Altitude the most, and even walking on flat ground made you puff and pant. It was as if you couldn’t get enough air into your lungs and i guess thats quite literally what was happening.


Day 5-6 info at a glance:

  • Altitude for sleeping: 4410m
  • Attitude difference between start and finish: 600m
  • Hours of Trekking: ~7hrs (day 5) ~3 (day 6)
  • Accommodation: Guest house in Dingboche
  • Level of difficulty: 6/10

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