Malter: Every Childs (and adults) summer camp dreams

Malta is a gorgeous little town set around a big lake, in the South of Germany. It feels like you’ve stepped into summer camp- without the screaming kids. Its a peaceful town- or at least was when i was there- and theres lots to do for a sleepy little town.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.56.52 PM
The gorgeous lake that is the centre of Malter

For us, getting to Malter was an all day and half night Ordeal, so defiantly pays to plan where your going and know what stop to get off at.

We got a Train from Berlin to Dresden, but made the mistake of getting off the Dresden central- which is a Train Station and NOT a bus station – which is what we wanted. From this silly mistake we had to get 3 other buses just to get to the bus station where we could catch the one bus that would take us as close to Malta as you can get with public transport. With that in mind heres how to get to Malter, painlessly….

How to get to Malter:

From Berlin:  get a Train to Dresden. The train ride takes around 2 hours and can cost anywhere from $40-200 Euros (the later being a first class Flexi ticket)!

*Hot tip, try and get a direct train to save yourself some odd 3 hours!!*

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.15.33 PM

From Dresden:

Option #1: get bus 376 to Dippoldiswalde, its about a 1 1/4 hour one way journey, but is relatively cheap.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 2.54.40 PM

Dippoldiswalde is near Malter, but not near enough to walk. We learnt the hard way that its a LONG UPHILL walk to actually get to many of the accomodation places in Malter itself. So make sure if there are no connecting buses from Dippoldiswalde to Malter that you have pre-arranged transport to your accomodation, or you might find yourself trying to navigate a pay phone in German to no-avail and then have to walk some 10km uphill, with your bags, to your accomodation. Who would be silly enough to do that?

Lugging our suitcases up the rolling hills of Malter, cobble stones and all!

Option #2: Get a train from Dresden with S-bahn to Freital Hainsberg and then with the Weisseritztalbahn to Malter.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 2.54.31 PM

Option #3: hire a car, yep thats it! hunt around for the best deal and drive yourself! Convenient, but also more expensive!

Things to do in Malter:

  • Go tree top walking and Zip lining: i stumbled across this on my morning run and decided to take my sister back for an afternoon of fun! it was a great workout and heaps of fun, but just be weary of going too late in the afternoon as it is mozzie central!! It was really enjoyable but is on the expensive side.
  • Go swimming or canoeing on the Lake: there are many inflatable toys on the lake and they are free to use. Canoeing on the other hand is also plentiful but obviously you have to pay for it, rental is available on the banks of the lake and is either hourly or half day rates. This provided both the adults and the kids with hours of entertainment!Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.25.51 PM.png
  • Explore the Forest and its many walking trails: Leave yourself an afternoon or whole day free and get lost in the forest. Just make sure you carry a map with you, so you don’t actually get lost and have to spend hours and hours trying to find your way back to civilisation.Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.39.31 PM
  • Eat Local produce and traditional German food: We were in Malter for a family reunion and the food we ate was amazing! It’s defiantly worth spending some time and money eating like locals!


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