Burg: escape to the Venice of Germany!

Escape to another world….

One of the many canals that weave through Burg: this one happened to be our front yard!

Burg is a little holiday town in the north of Germany, about one and a half hours from Berlin by train and connecting bus. With only 4469 residents, its got a small town feel, but doesn’t lack things to do and has the character typical of a small town.

Its know by locals as the “Venice of Germany” with a maze of canals that run thought the town.

If your after an authentic German experience, where English is hard to come by, people still wear traditional dress and the towns look like something out of a story book, then I would defiantly recommend this gorgeous, enchanting town.

It was here that I attended a big family reunion. I have a lot of family in Germany and all the relatives from Australia flew over, to spend 4 beautiful days in this little town.  Over the four days, we ate traditional German food, stayed in a Goldilocks cottage, got lost in the any canals of the town, went for a day bike ride and explored the streets and towns connecting it.

How to get to Burg:

  • Option #1: By Railway from Berlin to Vetschau, (1 ¼ train ride) and then get a connecting bus from Vetschau to Burg (20 minutes).
  • Option #2: Hire a car and drive up from Berlin – however we didn’t find that we needed a car whilst there, as the town is small and everything is walkable. None the less if your planning to hire a car anyway this could be a good option for you!

Things to do:

  1. Hire a canoe and get lost (literally) in the canals of Burg: This was the highlight of y time there. My family and I set off on what we thought was just going to be an easy 1 hour paddle to the next town – 5 hours later and we were still lost. It was a great day and an even better story to tell. Check out the Video here. Canoes can be hired at accommodation or by the river at a number of locations. Try and get a two person canoe to save a bit of money!

    The canoe ride that turned into a 7 hour who-can-actually-read-a-map adventure
  2.  Visit the Cucumber museum! would you believe that this tiny town is famous for its cucumbers, or more accurately its gherkins! Every market you visit while you are there (and if you go in summer that will be a few), will have at least 2 or 3 stalls selling their famous gherkins! Try them they are delicious!
  3. Hire some bikes and hit the trails: Theres lots of options for bike riding here as is the case for a lot of Europe and most of the trails are off-road and wind though the forest and hug the canals! In summer it can be very hot, but the tree cover makes bike riding here an ideal experience. Again bikes can be hired from accommodation or any place sin town with “bike hire” out the front. It is usually hourly, 1/2 or full day hire and prices vary.

    Riding through the forest in Burg, Germany
  4. Go swimming in the canals for FREE the water is very fretting after a long day of exploring, and it’s perfectly fine to swim in as long as you doge the canoes!
  5. Go on a guided gondola ride: this was a fun experience, with wine and dinner supplied on a dust boat ride through the canals. It was however payed for by my grandparents and we booked out the whole boat with our family alone. If i were backpacking through there, i doubt it would be something i would folk out for, but none the less it was a great experience. *price is unknown as i didn’t pay for it*
  6. Walk the streets, visit the neighbouring towns (by bike) and stumble upon, festivals, markets and parades that are of significance to the locals and a great experience for  visitors to witness. This happened to us more than once. We would be riding and all of a sudden we were in the middle of a parade. It was awesome to get involved – if only as a spectator in the German culture!
    Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.43.31 PM.png
    Rode straight through a Parade in one of the towns connecting to Burg

    Check out the video of all the adventure from our trip and Later our trip to Malta, Here.

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