Christmas Eve at Everest Base Camp!!

Day 8

Lobuche to Everest Base Camp

Today we left Lobuche before breakfast to make our way to Gorakshep. We had a big day today, as it was the day we reached our ultimate destination: Everest Base Camp. So donned in our christmas hats, or i was at least, we walked for about 1 1/2 hours until we reached Gorakshep (5140m), where we would be spending the night. We had breakfast here, and for the first time since we had started the trek there was fruit on the menu!! So i proudly ordered a fruit salad, only to be met with canned fruit, but hey better than nothing!

Even canned fruit was a sight for sore eyes!

After breakfast and a briefing about what was to come, we set out on the 3 hour return trip to base camp. Now not to sound like a total downer or anything, but in my opinion this was probably the least scenic and enjoyable walk of the trek so far. The path was mostly rocks and really as far as you could see was just rocks. I guess this was amazing in its own right, but compared to the previous days where we had views of sweeping valleys and enormous towering peaks, we were so high now, that really you just looked up 1000-2000m and you could see the sky line again.

The path leading to EBC and you can also see the notorious icefall

So after a nice walk on relatively flat ground, we reached Base Camp! it was an awesome feeling to have accomplished something of this magnitude and really made me appreciate just how determined and fit the people who actually climb everest itself must be, as just getting to base camp was a journey all on its own!

EBC was built up in my head so much that i was a little disappointed that it was literally just a pile of rocks. Im not too sure what i was expecting to see, as i knew it wasn’t climbing season, so knew there wouldn’t be a tent city waiting for us, but i still felt underwhelmed. It was a classic case of the journey was better than the destination itself.

Made it to Everest Base Camp, Christmas hat and all!!

Don’t get me wrong though, it was still amazing. Being able to step foot where so many amazing mountaineers had been before and spent months on end, and actually witnessing Everest itself towering over us, was an epic thing to experience. It had taken us 8 days to reach this point and it was aboujstley amazing!

There was so much excitement amongst our group! These guys really made the trip so amazing

After spending ~20 minutes at base camp, the cold weather and howling winds sent us on our way as we made the 1 1/2 trip back to Gorakshep where we would spend the night.

It was a feeling of pure elation, as we sat around and talked about the day and our experiences. With christmas just one sleep away, and unaware that the hardest day of our trek yet to come, we had a nice dinner and once again sat around playing cards and chatting around the warming yak poo fire.

Surprisingly we had reception at 5140m in the middle of the hymalaya.

Day 8 info at a glance:

  • Altitude for sleeping: 5140
  • Attitude difference between start and finish: +240m
  • Hours of Trekking: ~6hrs
  • Accommodation: Guest house in Gorakshep
  • Level of difficulty: 7/10

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