Everest Base Camp: Day 7

Day 7:

Dingboche to Lobuche

Today was one of the easier days of our hikes i thought. Although our walk started with a steep accent almost vertically up, for the majority we were walking on flat ground. It was the altitude that we had to battle with, this was the highest we had been yet, and every step was hard, despite just walking on a firm, flat service.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.13.53 PM.png
Leaving Dingboche behind

We also walked through the Everest Grave Yard today, with tomb stones of all the people who had passed attempting to climb Mt everest. It was an eery and eye opening experience and made us remember just how small and helpless we as humans are, to nature and the elements.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.14.04 PM.png
One of the many memorials for perished souls on Everest

Upon arriving at our accomodation, i had a very near experience with frost bite, after having walked in wet hiking boots for the majority of the day. You can read about it here. 

After that ordeal had settled down, we played cards, swapped travel stories and generally had fun until the yak poo ran out, at which point we all retreated to our beds.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.13.44 PM.png
Everyone Huddled around the yak poo fire!

Tomorrow would be the day that we were to reach Base Camp and it was also christmas eve, so everyone was excited for the big day we had ahead of us!

Day 7 info at a glance:

  • Altitude for sleeping: 4900m
  • Attitude difference between start and finish: +490m
  • Hours of Trekking: ~6hrs
  • Accommodation: Guest house in Louche
  • Level of difficulty: 7/10

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