Everest Base Camp: Day 9 continued..

Day 9

Gorakshep to Namche Bazzar

So after returning from our Hike up Kala Patthar and searching for internet signal for a few teary phone calls home, we geared up ready to leave our accomodation at Gorakshep.  Having survived what was the Best and Worst christmas morning of my life to date, and with 4 odd hours of trekking already under our belt by 8am, we still had another 7 hours of trekking to go.
Luckily it was all downhill, and we would slowly be getting to a lower altitude which would mean, slightly warmer conditions and much easier breathing.
The choice of accommodation for the night was meant to be Pheriche or Orsho, depending on how the group was feeling. However our team leader gave us the choice to stay at Namche Bazzar (again) for its offer of a hot shower, decent food and shops. We were more than happy to do this, as its literally like a little city in the middle of no where. We stayed at probably the nicest place we had stayed at all trek and as there was only one hot shower, names were balloted to see what order we all got to shower in.
Walking this day felt relatively easy, despite the exhausting morning we had experienced. I think this was partly due to the gradual increase in oxygen we were getting and also the pure excitement that it was Christmas day and i was in the Himalayas! I did also wear my Christmas hat for most of the day…
Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 8.43.52 AM.png
Amazing views of the Kumbu Valley as we slowly descended.
This day was a really nice but very long day of hiking, and by the time we had reached our Guest House we . For dinner I ordered Momo’s and could nearly get through one. It was the smaller Christmas dinner I’d ever eaten, as altitude and physical exhaustion tends to be a bit of an appetite suppressant.
We spent Christmas night playing cards and sitting around the fire, before all hitting the sheets around 7:30pm.

Day 9 info at a glance:

  • Altitude for sleeping: ~4371m
  • Attitude difference between start and finish: – 769m
  • Hours of Trekking: ~7hrs (+4 hours summiting Kala Patthar)
  • Accommodation: Guest house in Orsho
  • Level of difficulty: 10/10 (Kala Patthar) 5/10 Gorakshep to Orsho

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