Scuba Diving in the largest high altitude lake: Lake Atitlan

At just over 1500m Lake Attitlan is the world largest high altitude lake and it also happens to be geothermaly heated, making it a bearable 22 degrees Celsius, and therefore also the warmest high altitude lake in the world. As if that alone doesn’t make it special enough, it is also surrounded by a number of other volcanoes and many small towns dotted along its shore line.


We arrived at San Pedro in Lake Atitlan from Antigua, a mere 4 hour bus ride away, where we stayed for one night before hopping over to Santa Cruz. Of all the towns dotted along the lake, Santa Cruz is the smallest and most isolated. 

I’m not entirely sure why we chose this town, I think it was purely a lack of knowledge about the area and the hostels, La Iginana, good ratings on hostel world. 

Regardless, a 25 Q boat ride later and we found ourselves in Sanata Cruz, where the only things to really do is relax, drink, scuba dive (if your so inclined) and walk to the neighbouring town of San Marcos.

I wasn’t even aware that there was diving at this tiny town and so when I was told that you could go to a sunken hotel and drink beer at the bar some 8 meters below the surface for a mere 35USD I was sold.

It was defiantly hyped up to be something unique and special, and although we were warned about the poor vis ability, roughly 5 meters on a good day, I was excited to go.

The organisation of the dive was defiantly questionable, and I’m pretty sure my instructor was more preoccupied with her hang over and getting off in time for the BBQ that afternoon but regardless I was about to scuba in a volcanic lake so I wasn’t too unhappy.

This dive was more of a novelty than anything else, and while I’m glad I did it, I defiantly wouldn’t do it again in a hurry as the visibility was so poor and besides the bar, there wasn’t a whole lot to see!

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