Peru is a wonderfully diverse country where you can be trekking in snow and blizzards and literally hours later be sweating and picking fruits in tropical rainforest. Being home to the Andes, the Amazon rainforest, desserts and surf breaks all reachable with an amazing bus network, its no wonder this country has grown in popularity in past years.

Peru can be extremely touristy if you strictly see The famous top 5; Macchu Piccu, Nazca lines, the Sacred Valley, the amazon* and Cusco. However if you just do the typical touristy things, you’re going to miss out on seeing the real Peruvian way of life and the infinatly more beautiful and untouched wonders that it has to offer.

Alot of the travellers I met traveled to Peru with the intention to see Macchu Piccu (just like i did), only to discover that this was the most underwhelming sight of their trip. In my opinion, unfortunatly the famous Incan ruin is highly over rated, extremely expensive and unbelievably touristy and there are MANY other hikes and sites to see, that are 100 times nicer and will cost you an eight of the price.

It’s one of those things many feel like they have to do, but really i don’t think its worth the money and if your strapped for time i would highly recommend doing Lares trek, HuayHuash or Santa Cruz instead. Much cheaper. Less busy. More beautiful.

If your interested in learning about, and travelling to, my favourite country in South America, then below are some tips to help you along the way!





 HuayHash: Worlds best multiway hike. 




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Hike the Sacred Valley: How to do Lares Trek independently